Suspected ritualists evading arrest cause ghastly accident on expressway…details later

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Miracle Money: Police Allegedly Detain Pastor Israel Balogun In Abuja

The Nigerian police Abuja have been accused of arresting pastor Israel Balogun over his comment on Apostle Johnson Suleman’s miracle money controversy.

Israel had taken to the Social Media, YouTube and Facebook to challenge a video in which Apostle Johnson Suleman was seen commanding angels to deposit money into the pockets, bags and bank accounts of his church members during a church programme at Auchi and Atlanta USA . After the prayers, many of the church members were seen going to the front of the altar to testify to receiving some money.

Following the release of the video on Celebration TV, a TV station for Omega Ministry owned by Apostle Suleman, Pastor Israel had reacted to the video by debunking and challenging the credibility and the veracity of the miracle. He also accused Apostle Suleman of practising magic.

After the post by Israel, Apostle Johnson Suleman through his lawyers asked him to pull down the post or be prosecuted. Israel was subsequently invited to the police headquarters from Lagos for interrogation. On getting to the police headquarters at Abuja on Wednesday 11th of August 2021, his lawyer alleged that he was arrested and detained.

According the press statement released by his lawyer, attempts to release him on bail was not possible because they could not meet the stringent bail requirements by the police. He said they were asked to present two sureties who must be civil servants of up to level 14.

He stated that by the end of the day, they couldn’t meet up with the bail requirements, hence his detention by the police force Criminal Investigation Department, FCID. He concluded that they would be going back tomorrow to perfect the bail.


Herbalists K*ll Customer Who Came To Them For Money Ritual, Then Used His Body Parts To Do Money Ritual For Themselves

Two herbalists have narrated how a customer who came to do money ritual was k*lled in Osun.

A herbalist, Faseun Afolabi, 40, said one 35-year-old Ayo approached him for money ritual. But according to him, he had not done it before.

He said he approached another herbalist friend, Fadare Afolabi, 38, who told him to use Ayo for their own money ritual.

“Ayo came to my place for a money ritual and I told him it’s hard but he insisted on it. I approached my friend, Fadare who told me that we can use the boy for our own money ritual.

Fadare called one man called Taye and he gave the boy one medicine. I held his leg while Faseun held his hands; Taye str*ng*lated him till he d*ed. I was given his two hands and the heart. I sold one hand for N20,000 while I gave out the other hand and the heart for free,” Faseun narrated.

In his own confession, Fadare said he used the deceased’s head and legs for money ritual.


Northern Youths Demands Ban Of BBNaija

The Arewa Youth Consultative Forum (AYCF) has called on the Nigerian Government to ban the airing of Big Brother Naija reality television show, popularly known as BBNaija.

AYCF National President, Yerima Shettima, stated that BBNaija encourages immorality and sexual indulgence hence should be banned in Nigeria.

Shettima spoke with Daily Post on Friday, describing the reality television show as a catastrophe that Nigeria should reject.

“It’s a calamity as far as I am concerned; I have never believed in BBNaija and do not believe it is right because the show is an act of immorality. Such a show should not be encouraged.

“I have often said this show promotes immorality and the Nigerian government should please ban it, it should not be allowed to be aired in our country.

“You see, a lot of people watch to see immorality acts, those sex things displaying their nakedness, and they have made it look like a blue film (X-rated film), so, this must be discouraged.

“I urge true lovers of the country to join hands and call the attention of the government on the implication of this programme which must be discouraged,” he said.

Over the years, BBNaija housemates have been caught on camera having sex or involved in other forms of sexual activities.

But many have also argued that viewers have a choice to watch or not watch the show.


‘Allow your husbands to suck your breasts’, Nursing sister tells pregnant women

Oladimeji also urged pregnant women to prepare their breasts during pregnancy to avoid lactation problems after delivery.

Nursing Sister asks pregnant women to allow their husbands to suck their breasts (NAN)

Mrs Roseline Oladimeji, a Chief Nursing Sister, in Lagos on Thursday advised pregnant women to allow their husbands to suck their boobs to prepare them for breastfeeding after delivery.RECOMMENDED ARTICLES

Oladimeji gave the advice at a sensitisation programme marking 2021 World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) organised by Amuwo Odofin Maternal and Child Centre (AOMCC), Festac Town.

“Allow your husbands to suck your breasts during pregnancy. Apart from bonding, it will help the nipples to be out and make it easier for your baby to latch on.

“You can also rub vaseline on your nipples at night before going to sleep. It also helps to soften it,” the apex nursing sister said.